*~*Michael Stroka auditioned for Dan Curtis in 1968, for the role of a psychic investigator's assistant in the prime-time pilot, "Dead Of Night" Although he did not get that role, he was hired in the summer of 1968 for the role of Aristede on Dark Shadows."*~*
"36 Hours" 1964
"King Rat" 1965

"House of Dark Shadows"1971
"Wonder Woman" 1976
"Contract on Cherry Street" 1977
"Harlem Nights" 1989
"The Closer" 1991
"Dark Shadows 30th Anniversary Tribute "(1996)

"The Dating Game"
"Wonder Woman"
"Twilight Zone"
"Dark Shadows" 1966 (Aristede,Bruno Hess,Laszlo Ferrari)
"Edge of Night" 1975-1976 (Dr. Quentin Henderson)   
"Circles And Squares"
"Marathon Madness"
"The Office Murders"
"The Long Christmas Dinner"
"Wet, Dry and Alive"
"Down the Morning Line"
"The Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton"
"Life in the Hotel Excellence "

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